In the Aerospace Aviation industry where fast action is critical, DAIRS offers a complete system that lets users get the information they need faster, more efficiently, providing a sharp competitive edge.

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In the Aerospace Aviation industry fast action truly is critical. DAIRS offers a sharp competitive edge with a complete system that lets users get needed information quicker, more easily, making better decisions in less time. A revolutionary system, DAIRS was designed from the ground up specifically for the unique needs of those in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry. Supporting up to 250 concurrent users, DAIRS integrates sales, production, purchasing, accounting, and inventory control, so everything is available at your command. Employees are made more effective as they work and maneuver throughout the system with speed and agility, thanks to the user empowering task-switching capability which comprises the very heart of the DAIRS system. And DAIRS consistently provides a "wide view" of information, supporting quicker, more intelligent decisions.

DAIRS is a powerful, complete sales, purchasing, inventory tracking system with Receivables, Payables, Quality Control, Production, Cross Referencing, Lot Control, and more.

DAIRS is fully integrated.

DAIRS is designed specifically for commercial and military Aviation & Aerospace distributors, brokers, importers, and manufacturers.

DAIRS is a complete computer solution to help your business thrive.

DAIRS is a superior system that enables you to make the most of every opportunity.

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